Kata Kuntur

Kata Kuntur is a modeling data tool, is multiplatform and supports many Data Base Management Systems .

Basic features:

Easy to use

With Kata Kuntur you can make Entity/Relationship diagrams, you can use it on operative sistems like Linux* or Windows. Also it don't use exesive resources, you don't need install any additional, simply download, install and use it!.


Kata Kuntur works on  operating systems like Linux or Windows, you can make your diagrams and see or edit it on Linux or Windows plataforms, all features work on both systems.

Database Management System support

Do you want to export your diagram to a Database Management System?, with Kata Kuntur you can export your diagrams to DBMS like:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Data Base 11g.


Kata Kuntur is a free tool, it is maintined by Jean Mazuelos.