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Kata Kuntur can be installed on Windows or GNU/Linux platforms. In this article we see the next topics:

  • Install on Windows
  • Install on GNU/Linux
  • Compile from source code

Install on Windows platforms

To install on Windows platforms we need to follow the next steps:

  • Download a Kata Kuntur version from the download page. You can download the freeware version (2.9.X) or the Open Source Version (2.5.X).
    • If you downloaded the 2.9.X version, you must need to download and install the Visual Redist 2015.
  • Once downloaded, you need to run the installer a follow the instructions. 
  • Finally, to run Kata Kuntur, you can double click on the Kata Kuntur icon created on the desktop by the installer.

Install on GNU/Linux platforms

The Kata Kuntur versions for GNU/Linux are distribuited as portable applications -they ar compiled in ubuntu 14.X i386 and amd architectures-. To install Kata Kuntur on GNU/Linux, you may follow the next steps:

  • Download a version of Kata Kuntur for GNU/Linux from the downloads page. Once the download has finished,  you will get a file with the name katakuntur-2.X.X_ARCH.tar.xz. ARCH is ther plataform architecture i686 for 32bits or x86_64 for 64bits.
  • Using a console, do a cd to the directory where the file was downloaded, then extract it using the next command line:
    •  tar -xJvf katakuntur-2.X.X_ARCH.tar.xz
  • ​Finally, run Kata Kuntur using the next commands:
    • cd katakuntur/bin/
    • sh

Install from Source Code

Now you can build Kata Kuntur from source code. Kata Kuntur is a tool developed using the Qt Framework, so before to build you must need to install:

Once all prerquisites installed, to build and run Kata Kuntur, you can follow the next steps:

  • git clone
  • cd katakuntur
  • qmake
  • make (on linux with gcc o windows with MinGW) or nmake (on windows with Visual Studio)
Kata Kuntur can be installed on Windows or GNU/Linux platforms. In this article I